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Airsoft Game – Operation: Point of the Sword (BTA)

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

June 25, 2011 proved to be yet another action packed and great game day.  I showed up late (because of my late working schedules)to the first warm up game which I believe was knock over the other teams flag type, which I used for the opening title sequence, I usually don’t have allot of free time to put into doing graphics and editing but since July is kind of more free time to me I was able to put a bit more pizzazz into this one.  I decided to sacrifice a little fun and turn my game play into more of a competition with myself and go, left hand camera, right hand gun.  It turned out to be quite fun, while trying to keep my camera filters from being shattered by bb’s and taking pot shots at people with my pistol I think that the footage turned out even better.  My choice in not wearing bright orange while filming seemed to have made it a little easier on players whose positions are sometimes given away by a flamboyantly dressed photographer pointing their lens like some kind of retriever dog pointing at its catch.  Doing this seemed to really get the close up of players emotion and action during their fight.  Of course sometimes I have to wear my orange vest to get in on the other teams action, but I always try to do it in a way as not to give anyones position away,  however, that isn’t always possible but that’s the sacrifice for cool airsoft action.

For the majority of the video I follow “Raven”, “Acog” and “Panther” around the battle as I engage the enemy as well with my Canon Rebel T2i and my WE compact M1911 secondary.  If you haven’t seen all of the Featured player videos, keep an eye out for some of the annotations on this video which I have put over the faces of some of the players I have featured in the past.  Hope you enjoy!

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Featured Airsoft Player “Raven White”

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

This weeks featured player video took longer than I wanted it to.  There were some serious problems with the audio and wind hitting the microphone on my camera, for one, my larger camera that I wanted to use for it had dead batteries and so I was forced to use my Go Pro once again,  it is a great camera but not the best for audio in the first place seeing how it only records at 44,100 khs, which gives the audio a tinny type of sound, but on top of that the wind was hitting the diaphragm of the mic and really causing some problems.  However I was determined to release this video so I called upon the skills of my buddy Doug to help me, whom is an experienced audio engineer.  The outcome is a little strange but it is allot better than it would have been.  If you watch the video all the way to the end you will see a little video I took as we tried removing the wind noises at his home studio.  This weeks video appropriately labeled “Alien Audio Pod Edition”.  Please forgive the following annoying audio:

Raven White, also known as Beth, is this weeks’s featured player.  This little super blond was sporting some serious equipment on Saturday out in one of Utah’s many western deserts *edit* oh and when I say super blond, it’s because her hair.. is SUPER blond, no other reason.  Her energy, knowledge of gear and enthusiasm for the game earns her this weeks pick.  Raven White sports a full plate carrier, an array of color coded magazines, a modified KWA CQB meshed with a M4 carbine and an HFC PPK secondary.  She wears Gen 3 Army multicam DPM’s with built in elbow and knee pads and a patch on her load-out reading; “What now bitches!” for her male counterparts to observe as she takes them out.


Go Pro HD Helmet Camera

Monday, March 28th, 2011

Go Pro HD Helmet HERO

You may have seen high definition footage from a Go Pro Hero camera before and not realized what you were watching, which is the cool shots of the guys doing those gnarly tricks on motocross bikes and other perspectives used in extreme sports such as surfing, snowboarding, skiing, biking, skateboarding and so on.  With a “Hero” cam you are able to capture yourself accomplishing those action packed sports activities that, when in the heat of the moment don’t seem to be remembered the clearest.  With an HD Go Pro Hero camera, the choices become vast, with the mounting options and super wide angle lens there isn’t much that this camera doesn’t catch!

I Like Airsoft Review

First person perspective with the Go Pro Helmet

First person perspective with the Go Pro Helmet

Go Pro perspective - The Enemy Surrender

I personally have been using one for water sports but have recently employed it into Airsofting.  There’s nothing better at times than having the means of recording yourself while getting that one great surrender in a game of Airsoft when you thought that the person hiding with the most cover, having an automatic Airsoft gun, and a large boulder for defense, that he would be able to take down the offender that is out in the open with ease, well I guess that is not the case all the time, so, with my trusty Wei-E Tech compact 1911 gas gun I approached the enemy and forced a surrender, now would anyone believe this scenario?  Maybe not, but with my HD helmet Hero I captured all the fun right on the top of my head and I can prove it.

"GREEN" with Go Pro Helmet Camera

I use the HD helmet Hero with my TMC deluxe Mich 2000 helmet(textured plastic)with a tan NVG mount.  I don’t use the actual NVG mount with the Go Pro, but I do intend on one day figuring out a way to, seeing how that thing adds about $30 dollars to the price tag of the Mich 2000 (airsoft version helmet), I have simply used the included helmet/head strap instead.  The HD helmet Hero comes with a strap that has a rubbery substance embedded on the inside which makes for great cling to any helmet, I have even used it right on the top of my head while wearing a Shemagh, I actually forgot I was wearing it for a moment because it was so light and rigidly affixed, not uncomfortably however.

For those with jobs or a way of securing around $300 dollars  you honestly cant beat the HD helmet Hero if you want to capture any action that you cant normally with other high definition cameras.  One huge feature of this camera is that its built like a tank, the exterior housing that comes with the camera is made up of a polycarbonate plastic which I believe is shatter proof, just like safety goggles and the like.  Plus it fits right in the palm of your hand, its tiny!

Go Pro also has this nifty little device called a “BacPac“.  It enables you to review clips recorded and use the Go Pro like a miniature camcorder and compose shots more accurately and of course makes the already awesome HD Hero camera, a little bit more awesome.

Now there are a few little qualms I do have with the Go Pro cameras which is the rolling shutter or “jello” shutter which in some circumstances has a wavy or watery type of look but that only happens on certain occasions and honestly that hasn’t troubled me enough to second think getting one.  The other is the menu system, which just takes a few times to get down, but there are little LCD graphics that make it easier, once I had the resolution set, it was just a matter of reaching up, tapping the one button on the front, waiting for the three deeps indicating its on, then the top button; one beep indicating that it is recording and then with another press of the top button; three beeps indicating that it has stopped recording.

Perspective from Go Pro Helmet

Perspective from Go Pro Helmet in still frame mode

There is also a photo mode that I haven’t had a chance to use yet (besides the image to the right which I took by accident) but I will soon, which takes a 5 mega pixel image and can also do a burst mode and can take a photo every 2, 5, 10, 30 or 60 seconds.

I’d give the HD helmet Hero a 10 out of 10 if I were to rate this in a numbered category for all the things I have mentioned and more, its my favorite compact attach anywhere and go action cam, I highly recommend it.

Find out more about airsoft teams in Utah at: Just for fun Airsoft, Utah County Airsoft and Black Thorn Airsoft.

**UPDATE 4/22/2011**

The BacPac for the GoPro I had failed on me after a day of use, I used it in a pool; got some great shots underwater, then went to a friends later that day and got some random video outside of the housing, so far so good, I was using the BacPac LCD screen without a hitch, oh! and well before all this I had to update the firmware because it wasn’t working at all with the GoPro, but after, it worked great.  So after shooting some video at my friends house and going through the menus without any problems, I decided to give it a charge, so in the off position I plugged it in to my USB on my PC at home.  Later I noticed that the red light on the front of the camera had turned off indicating that the Go Pro was charged so I unplugged and powered up the camera, and.. and.. nothing, I was waiting for the LCD to light up and give me an image but that never happened, it never turned on, I went through all the settings on the camera half a dozen times to make sure it wasn’t user error.  After all of this, it still wasn’t working, I even tried going into playback mode and I could see it trying to work with the LCD slightly lighting up displaying only a black backlight.  I have noticed other people online with the same problems.  I went to NAB this year and talked to a rep and it baffled him and others at the booth.  I finally secured a new Go Pro Bac Pac LCD and it has been working great and have also only used it on my Mac since, not that it may make a difference that I am on a mac or not but I thought I would make that clear.  My advice to anyone getting a BacPac is to detach it before each charge, I feel that the LCD going out has something to do with the USB charging.  I have charged the camera three times using this technique since my last LCD went out and it has been working fine.