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Haunted House Airsoft Game – Winter Soldiers – Fear Factory Un Cut

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016

Black Thorn Airsoft held a private game at the Fear Factory haunted house in Salt Lake City.

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This is an un cut video, meaning that it is pretty much the raw footage straight off the camera, with only seconds here and there cut out.  I know some of you may appreciate seeing moments that shape the games you play that aren’t always the most action packed.

Filmed on my iPhone 6s.  Stabilized while I shot by the “Dragon Fly” handheld stabilizer by Digital Juice, I recommend it highly, its a very simple and easy to use piece of equipment.

Weapon Blender Airsoft

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

Recently I headed over to my favorite hobby addiction store for a little pa-rousing and thought I would hit the video record button on my iPhone while I did so, maybe for somewhat of a “Vlog” if you will.  Weapon Blender always seems to be getting new stuff in, not only fresh stock on rapidly selling gear but newly designed and interesting things that I have never yet seen before, the atmosphere always seems pretty up-to-date in there.  As you will see in the video the delivery people were just pulling away with something new, its always exciting to see what they will be pulling out of those boxes; fresh off the boat, somewhat ;).  Now I will admit from time to time I get the rotten apple piece of gear that either has a short, doesn’t fit right or is just a little flimsy in design and you have to expect that sometimes from some of these foreign companies which honestly doesn’t happen a whole ton, but I think the fellas behind the desk have always been willing to make things right with you, I haven’t yet once been stuck with something that was UN-desirable for too long, and I’m a little picky sometimes, As long as it’s a factory flaw and I bring in a receipt, they have been totally cool with it.  Weapon blender has two stores in Utah one in Orem and one in Slat Lake City and they always have em’ packed with fun new things, I give them a thumbs up!  I now this is a random Blog today, but that’s whats cool about having your own Blog, I can write whatever I want 😛 Check them out online at: