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Airsoft Game – Operation: “Warlord”

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

Well guys, finally I have finished another airsoft game video.  This Holiday season has been so busy with festivities and other projects that I haven’t been able to focus on other such fun things as airsoft.  But, last night I was determined to finish and stayed up till about 5am getting this thing popped out.  Special thanks to Matt Erickson aka “M” for supplying some GoPro footage, it was fun to watch since I don’t incorporate much of my own go pro footage normally. Operation Warlord took place on Oct 8th, 2011 in a northern desert of Utah.  Located on the ruins of an old industrial complex, this AO is one of the most fun epic battle fields around.  However most of the footage captured on camera were in fields adjacent to the remains.  Hope you guys enjoy this video, please rate, comment and subscribe!

Airsoft Featured Player – “Shades”

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

This weeks featured airsoft player is Mike aka Shades.  Shades is the type of player to stick with a plan and execute it faithfully for his team.  The 52nd Squadron is the team he rolls with most of the time but is always willing to join up with any team during a game and play hard with success in mind.  “I like to stick with the 52nd squad because I don’t like “Lonewolfing” much, I don’t see much fun in that, plus when you’re out there all by your self, there isn’t anyone to medic you and that’s just a bummer waiting out there alone”.  Shades can be seen in many of AirsoftUtah‘s action packed game play videos running headlong into battle and being “Crassaay!”.

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Airsoft Featured Player – Red

Saturday, October 15th, 2011

This weeks featured airsoft player is Kyle, aka “Red”.

Airsoft Featured Player - Red
Airsoft Featured Player – Red

He has been apart of the command team in the Black Thorn Airsoft group for several years as the CSCO (Chief Supply Chain Officer) Supply and Cook.  Most games I see Kyle in his sniper load out, you can see him in the Operation Eagle Claw video doing some of his handy work as well.  Please rate, comment, subscribe, and I’d love a favorite too :D. Thanks guys!

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Airsoft Featured Player – “Acog”

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011
Featured Airsoft Player "Acog"

Featured Airsoft Player "Acog"

This weeks’s featured airsoft player is call sign “Acog”.   Acog can be seen in many of’s youtube videos.  The front line is normally where you will find this wile player, no suicide mission is suicidie’ enough for him.  Whoever dares, wins-I feel is his motto, sometimes that’s what it takes to have a serious outcome.  He and his team the “52nd Squadron” normally run together using their own tactics but also mesh with the surrounding players of the day.  Check it out and please make sure to visit the AirsoftUtah youtube channel to rate comment and subscribe.  Check out other videos featuring “Acog”, such as: Op. “Point of the Sword” and Op. “Osmium Tetroxide” just to name a few.

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Operation: “Osmium Tetroxide” – Photos

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

Here are photos from the August 20th 2011 game: Operation: “Osmium Tetroxide” held by Black Thorn Airsoft. Click below on the “full screen” link to bigafie’.  Most of these pictures were just from the parking lot at lunch time.

Airsoft Featured Players – “Joker & El Conquistador”

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

Hello fellow airsofters’, you may have been wondering where the heck the game videos have been, well I’m back this week to work on them never fear.  Last week was a bit busy for me.  Without getting too sidetracked from airsoft in this post ill let you in on my distractions in a post after this one, which will be dated last week so it wont appear above this post.  read it HERE.  Anyway, back on subject with this weeks featured airsoft player(s).  Father and son team: Steve call sign Joker and El Conquistador also known as Nathan, were the highlight for this week.

Featured Players - "Joker & El Conquistador"

Featured Players - "Joker & El Conquistador"

Joker (the father) similar to “Old School” also works in law enforcement.  This pair can be seen in most of my videos on my youtube channel at AirsoftUtah.  Joker and El Conquistador normally run together as a team and are usually on the move, not much camping for these guys.  Using comms they work together to sneak up on the enemy. El Conquistador comments that using his headset comms, his team is able to talk to each other quitely without giving their position away.  Personally I think that is key in many games where people are noisy and chatting, I am able to get a perfect bead on them before they know it.  Or the next best thing in my opinion are hand signals without speaking.  Anyway, without further adieu, here are father and son team Joker and El Conquistador with their loadout and strategies:

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Featured Airsoft Player – “Old School”

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

This weeks’s featured player is call sign: “Old School”.

Old School

Old School

Also known by his real name; Shawn, is normally found out on the field every Saturday, rain or shine along with the Black Thorn airsfoft group of which he is Chief Operations Officer.  He and his son “Ninja” play together most often as a team but have been known to also explore their own solo stints.  Shawn has had a professional career in the United States Army, served in Operation Desert Storm and is now working in law enforcement.  His service to our country and state is a great honor to me and everyone that knows him.

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Featured Player – “Friendly”

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

This weeks’s featured player is call sign: “Friendly”. The actions of the “Four Horsemen” (Friendly’s squad) stand out to me because of their straight into battle and organized team efforts.

Featured Player july 25, 2011 "Friendly"

Featured Player july 25, 2011 "Friendly"

I stress to every airsoft player above all things, these guys are light hearted and just want to have fun playing this game, because that’s what we are all doing out there in the field is playing a game, some lose sight of that a little and forget to have fun.  However anyone serious about airsoft as a sport and values safety and implementing responsibility will know that having a “hot head” does not help your team or anyone learn and function properly.  keep it cool out there because were all brothers in arms.  just a little “” word of advice. 🙂  “Friendly” is just that, he’s a cool guy, if you need extraction from a dangerous situation and notice one of the Four Horsemen near by, I’m betting they can fly you in some hell fire for the opposition.  With Friendly’s boom stick aka “Bullet Bill” he’s always in the mood for some cover fire.

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