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Airsoft Featured Player – Nomad –

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016


“Nomad” has a load out that I noticed at game held by Black Thorn Airsoft and I thought it would make for a good featured video.

He is also a team member of BTA.  He and I were on a team together during a scenario game and I observed that we were able to cohesively maneuver with other team mates easily and I find that his situational awareness allowed him to do that quickly.  When an issue presented itself, we we able to free ourselves from a possible ambush.  Clearing rooms, checking corners, covering each other and actually succeeding in holding an area for quite a while with an onslaught of opposing forces as a squad type unit was possible because of players like Nomad.  That over his kit was reason enough to feature him.  My favorite part of his kit is the 3 to 4 grenades he carries. That is something to celebrate, specially during the game!

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Tactical Airsoft Gear GIVEAWAY! Contest

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

Hey guys, AirsoftUtah on youtube has hit the 500+ subscriber mark and what better way to say thank you but by giving you guys some free gear! Here’s how to enter:

Tactical Gear Giveaway

Tactical Gear Giveaway

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Here’s what you’ll win:
The coyote tan NC Star AR chest rig with built in mag pouches, built in hydration pouch, drag handle and MOLLE platforms, fully adjustable.  You will also win Weapon Blenders chocolate and black shemagh.  Last but not least, a red mesh truckers cap with “Weapon” text in black on the front.

Don’t forget to read the bottom of the description on youtube, there could be a little something extra in it for you.

Airsoft Featured Players – “Joker & El Conquistador”

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

Hello fellow airsofters’, you may have been wondering where the heck the game videos have been, well I’m back this week to work on them never fear.  Last week was a bit busy for me.  Without getting too sidetracked from airsoft in this post ill let you in on my distractions in a post after this one, which will be dated last week so it wont appear above this post.  read it HERE.  Anyway, back on subject with this weeks featured airsoft player(s).  Father and son team: Steve call sign Joker and El Conquistador also known as Nathan, were the highlight for this week.

Featured Players - "Joker & El Conquistador"

Featured Players - "Joker & El Conquistador"

Joker (the father) similar to “Old School” also works in law enforcement.  This pair can be seen in most of my videos on my youtube channel at AirsoftUtah.  Joker and El Conquistador normally run together as a team and are usually on the move, not much camping for these guys.  Using comms they work together to sneak up on the enemy. El Conquistador comments that using his headset comms, his team is able to talk to each other quitely without giving their position away.  Personally I think that is key in many games where people are noisy and chatting, I am able to get a perfect bead on them before they know it.  Or the next best thing in my opinion are hand signals without speaking.  Anyway, without further adieu, here are father and son team Joker and El Conquistador with their loadout and strategies:

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