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Haunted House Airsoft Game – Winter Soldiers – Fear Factory Un Cut

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016

Black Thorn Airsoft held a private game at the Fear Factory haunted house in Salt Lake City.

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This is an un cut video, meaning that it is pretty much the raw footage straight off the camera, with only seconds here and there cut out.  I know some of you may appreciate seeing moments that shape the games you play that aren’t always the most action packed.

Filmed on my iPhone 6s.  Stabilized while I shot by the “Dragon Fly” handheld stabilizer by Digital Juice, I recommend it highly, its a very simple and easy to use piece of equipment.

Airsoft Featured Player – Spooky

Monday, May 6th, 2013

Spooky likes to sneak around, that’s how he got his call sign.  He keeps it silent and is all about flanking the enemy.  He and his brother got their start playing airsoft. Spooky plays without him in the meantime until he gets back from a mission in Minnesota.

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For those who are actually interested in a little more information ill just let you know why its been a few weeks since any new videos.  Production like usual is what pauses me, the production company I co-own has been working on a  few projects this year, the first being a Christmas themed movie called Christmas for a Dollar.  The most recent flick I am helping to produce was an untitled sniper movie.  It is about a sniper from earth deployed on “Cerulia” where he has to fend off the countless Cerulean army, yep, it’s a scifi. More info and pictures on that production can be found on our MainStay Productions facebook page:  Kelly Monson from Weapon Blender helped me out allot with this sniper movie too!  He helped me out with a large military tent, the scene in which we used it in would not have been as good without all his great stuff, thanks buddy!  He’s using that gear now for Weapon Blenders now once a year, gigantic multi day, continuous airsoft game.  More on that at their website or at: