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Airsoft Featured Player – Hades

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016

— I Like presents the Airsoft featured player video series. Airsoft player: “Hades”, is a part of the Black Angels Recon team in Northern Utah. His kit includes multicam, a plate carrier, 1911 side arm and M4 type main weapon.

My interactions with with Alex, aka “Hades” and his team, Black Angels Recon, has been nothing but outstanding. The organization they have continually supported; Operation Underground Railroad have rescued children from sex slavery and have been been involved in their games and fund raising.

Airsoft Loadout video Hades

Airsoft Loadout video Hades

From Airsoft players them selves contributing and buying raffle tickets for donated gear by Airsoft retailers such as Weapon Blender Airsoft and Tactical Airsoft Supply, B.A.R. have raised enough money each time they hold these events that have gone to the actual real life orchestrated operations by these former navy seals, special operations and law enforcement specialists to rescue children from sex slavery. -Green

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Rhodesian Revolt 2013

Wednesday, March 26th, 2014

The Rhodesian Revolt has been a large annual 2 day Airsoft event held on a 400 acre playing field in north west Utah hosted by Weapon Blender Airsoft.  Teams for the event play as entities such as American Military forces along with coalition type forces such as Black Water Group and the RRA or Rhodesian Republic Army.  Rebel factions are also present and are typically paid to do tasks for a leader named Mugabo who offers them medicine and Rhodesian type monopoly money in return for their success.  Scenarios constantly change from objectives and discovering traitors to the constant onslaught of rebel bb’s around the whole playing field.

As the neutral media correspondent for the Rhodesian Revolt 2013, I was only able to capture segments of a much larger story that was taking place on this gigantic playing field that took the assistance of vehicles to arrive at the 5+ bases in any timely manner.

Tech Specs• The video team consisted of myself: “Green” and “Shades”.  Our capturing systems included the Canon T2i, with an 18-200mm image stabilized lens, Coken filter tray with a .6 neutral density filter and a .6 soft edge graduated filter.  For the aerial footage I used the DJI Phantom 1 with a GoPro 3 Black hard mounted to the undercarriage, I was able to see everything that the GoPro was seeing with the assistance of the Predator V2 goggles which has a built in receiver and the 5.8 ghz video transmitter it comes with stuck to the bottom of the Phantom with double stick tape. Edited with Final Cut Pro 7.

Below is a playlist that will play through all 5 of the Rhodesian Revolt Episodes, or click on a thumbnail from of each Episode below that.






















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The Rhodesian Revolt 2013 – Episode 2

Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

The Rhodesian revolt is a huge annual airsoft game taking place in the western desert of Utah. more on the story here:

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The originators of the Rhodesian Revolt Airsoft game in Utah:

The Rhodesian Revolt 2013 – Episode 1

Monday, September 2nd, 2013

The Rhodesian revolt is a huge annual airsoft game taking place in the western desert of Utah. more on the story here:

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The originators of the Rhodesian Revolt Airsoft game in Utah:

60 Second Airsoft Review – ICS M1 Garand

Monday, February 11th, 2013

I got Kelly from Weapon Blender on video doing a review of some gear to show you guys in 60 seconds.

Produced by I Like and AirsoftUtah on YouTube.

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BTA Airsoft Game – “What’s Mine is Mine”

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

Photo taken from Black Thorn Airsoft website

The new A.O. for Black Thorn Airsoft as of May 5th, 2011 began with Operation “What’s Mine is Mine”. The A.O. or area of operations, is located in Utah’s northwest desert near the city of Eureka where many old mines lay abandoned peppered along the hills.  An ol’ team member from the group I used to play with: “The Black Watch” call sign “Skow” joined me that week and can be seen on some of the video,  Him and I work in the same industry and collaborate on many projects together from time to time.  The more action packed games for me consisted of objectives involving popping balloons while the other team would guard them.  With the recent new AO’s it’s hard for me to get out of game playing mode and get into camera man mode, which resulted without a whole lot of in game footage, Skow and I ended up directing a couple of our own fun action shots.  plus a little bonus 7 second music video at the end, it seems like some kind of demented raise the roof dance, feel free to give it a thumbs up anyway :).

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Featured Airsoft Player “Botched”

Monday, May 16th, 2011

Josh Ormond aka Botched is this weeks “ilikeairsoft featured airsoft player”.  I don’t know much about “Botched” but I know he has allot of fun out there on the field.  I did like the way his crafty buying got him a few necessities for the game.  I am also commending him for his recent purchase of a wire mesh face mask

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BTA Airsoft Game – Operation Thermopylae

Friday, May 13th, 2011

I am running a week behind on videos and do apologize.  Operation Thermopylae took place on April 30th, 2011, which was also Black Thorn Airsoft‘s birthday so to speak.  This is a new field or area of operations to the group and to most airsofters in the area as well.  The field consists of many sloping areas, being in the northern west desert of Utah it is covered with sagebrush, ceder and juniper trees, but the coolest feature by far is the roughly 30 by 30 foot tunnel carved into one of the hills that extends 300 feet or more from one side of the field to the other.  During the last couple games one team defended a captive while the other side had to go and rescue him or her. the opposite team were given two riot type shields in which were used to breach the tunnel and ended up just being a distraction for both teams, but it was still quite fun nonetheless.

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