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The Rhodesian Revolt 2013 – Episode 1

Monday, September 2nd, 2013

The Rhodesian revolt is a huge annual airsoft game taking place in the western desert of Utah. more on the story here:

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The originators of the Rhodesian Revolt Airsoft game in Utah:

The Winner of the Giveaway Shows what he Won!

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

AirsoftReviewerHD was the winner from the tactical gear giveaway at AirsoftUtah youtube channel, courtesy of Weapon Blender Airsoft Super store.  Check out his undisclosed surprise items!

Update, here’s a pic of the goodies that AirsoftReviewerHD won before it was shipped.  P.S. another winner is coming very soon!!!

Weapon Blender Loot from the Tactical Gear Giveaway 2013

Weapon Blender Loot from the Tactical Gear Giveaway 2013

Airsoft Game – Operation: “Warlord”

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

Well guys, finally I have finished another airsoft game video.  This Holiday season has been so busy with festivities and other projects that I haven’t been able to focus on other such fun things as airsoft.  But, last night I was determined to finish and stayed up till about 5am getting this thing popped out.  Special thanks to Matt Erickson aka “M” for supplying some GoPro footage, it was fun to watch since I don’t incorporate much of my own go pro footage normally. Operation Warlord took place on Oct 8th, 2011 in a northern desert of Utah.  Located on the ruins of an old industrial complex, this AO is one of the most fun epic battle fields around.  However most of the footage captured on camera were in fields adjacent to the remains.  Hope you guys enjoy this video, please rate, comment and subscribe!

Gear Giveaway Contest 2 – Wrist Watch

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

Hey guys time for my second gear giveaway.  This time the prize is a fast fit camouflage velcro wrist watch.  Its a no name watch but I have really enjoyed it over the past months.  It has a stop watch timer, blue light up dial, alarm and tells the day of the week too.  Watch the following video on how to win!

Please make sure to follow the instructions so there wont be anything holding you back from winning. Thanks guys!

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Airsoft Featured Player – “Circus”

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

This weeks Airsoft featured player is call sign: “Circus”.  He and his friends make up the “Four Horseman”; an airsoft squadron not to be reckoned with.  I don’t know if any of you have noticed but I will normally pick players I see up front and engaging the enemy at nearly every turn.  That is where I typically say, he can normally be found front and center charging headlong into battle with his team. “Friendly“, being one of the Horsemen was featured months back as well, give him a watch too.  If you keep an eye out in some of AirsoftUtah‘s videos you will see these guys working as a team every time, they are allot of fun and I, on more than one occasion will hear them yelling out and just being goofy such as doing Schwarzenegger impersonations at the top of their lungs, which is so needed in this sport where sometimes skirmishes can get a bit heated.  All in all, the “Four Horsemen” are a blast to play with and they definitely enjoy teaming up with other squads for some serious kick butt.  Please make sure to comment, rate and subscribe.  Of course you are the ultimate ilikeairsoft fan if you favorite too 😀  Thanks fellaz!

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Airsoft Game – Operation: Eagle Claw

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

Operation Eagle Claw was held on September 17th 2011.  Football season was responsible for some of the influence on games during this operation which included rushing a street cone to one side of the field and when shot the cone would drop with the player holding it and picked up by another.  Along with the football type games were the POW games.  When hit by the enemy, a player would march to the enemy’s POW camp until another one of their team members would tag you back in.  This normally ended up with the entire team getting freed in one large chaotic motion.  If you look at the annotations at the end of the video you will notice that both videos are shot at that same op.  You will see that pattern in most of my uploads, a game video, a featured player and some other fun video like find the sniper in the one operational day.  Please don’t forget to Rate, Comment and Subscribe to my YouTube channel so we can all see “” put on more of these videos.  You guys are the ones that keep me doing this and I appreciate it very mucho!

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May the schwartz be with you!

Find the Sniper – Episode 2

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

Find the Sniper is back with K-Factor.  On his lone mission of hiding from you, find him before he gets his shot off.  In one of Utah’s many lush forests, K-factor takes root with the bushes and becomes one himself.  Please Rate, Comment, Subscribe and make it a favorite if you enjoy it.  Thanks!

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Airsoft Game – Operation: “Osmium Tetroxide”

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

August 20th, 2011, “Osmium Tetroxide” took to the playing field in northern Utah’s desert hills, not as a dangerous chemical compound, but as another action packed Black Thorn Airsoft operation.  During this game a series of flags were peppered throughout the playing field while one team defended.  Once the defending team had their last remaining flag taken down by the enemy, they were forced to retreat to the bunker where they then only had three lives left.  If the opposing force did not take the bunker in a certain allocated amount of time, the defenders would win.  Organized chaos had its clutches on both sides.  It was allot of fun! check it out, there were even some funny parts:

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You can also see some photos taken during this game HERE