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BattleFeels – The Chopper Team – Pre Flight check

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016

{DISCLAIMER} Now I know this is not airsoft related, but I know most, if not all of you guys play some kind of video game now and then.  So before the negativity about this video hits the fan. Take a moment and tell yourself, who gives a damn. We wanted to have some fun with a video while the snow mounts up outside. I don’t get paid for this stuff and we’re having fun, so here’s a fun video for you that I made for free and didn’t get paid to make and don’t charge anyone for. Enjoy! 😀

Sweet the Chopper is here!… Ok now its serious, lets do a pre flight check!  We can’t forget anything, leave anything to chance, were professionals, were chopper fighter pilots, this will be an attack helicopter sortie to remember!

There are certain typical things that happen in video games and the reactions that occur from the players. Not that an extensive pre flight check in a Viper attack helicopter in game is one, but I thought a little story would be fun to create. Plus, I thought it would be fun to put Shades and myself into the cockpit. Why? because we can. Enjoy!

Video Credits
Chopper Pilot – Mike Shades
Chopper Gunner – Green Porkins
Production Audio Recording – Dave Skipper
Video Production – Paul Green

Music by Digital Juice, inc
Mercenary” by Digital Juice, StackTraxx V11: Epic Stacks
“Hysteric Funk” by Digital Juice, StackTraxx V01: Extreme Stacks

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Happy Birthday from Battlefield Friends and AirsoftUtah – Shades!

Thursday, July 31st, 2014

Michael, or Shades as he’s known on the Airsoft field turned 22 on July 21st! Happy Birthday Shades!

Shades is the face of the AirsoftUtah YouTube channel as well as this (I Like Airsoft) website and facebook page at

I would like to give a hearty Happy Birthday wish to him and so would the guys from Battlefield Friends!

This Happy Birthday song belongs to Hank and Jed Pictures, inc. All Rights Reserved.

You can get a song like this one on their website!!store

Happy Birthday Michael “Shades”!

Airsoft Utah Trailer – Subscribe!

Friday, March 14th, 2014

Airsoft Utah is a channel all about the sport of Airsoft.

Airsoft is a game of honor, team building and dressing the part for a team or as an individual. To have fun, to look cool and improve your skills. It is competitive and in Utah, normally objective based. Airsoft in Utah is unmatched.  Having nearly every climate in the world here in one state makes airsoft different each and every game!

Most of the videos you will find here on AirsoftUtah YouTube are “Featured Player” or, load out videos, where we focus on a single player and their gear. From head to toe they explain it and how they use it, how they like it and how they play their game.  Other lineups include “Find the Sniper” where an Airsoft sniper; call sign “K-factor” hides and as the viewer you try to find him in each natural setting before he takes his shot.

Airsoft games, Tactical gear giveaways, reviews and more are found here on Airsoft Utah’s YouTube channel, Please Subscribe!

Visit our facebook page where we post things not always seen here on the tubes!